Soft Pull Portal


Our online portal delivers an instant full file credit report.  Seeing the customer's credit information and FICO score helps you qualify customers on the spot.

  • You do not need a consumer's social security number or date of birth.
  • Does Not Impact the Consumer's Credit
  • Full Credit Report (Click Here: Full Credit Report Example)
  • Access to all 3 Bureaus


Add our Lead Generation Credit Application to your website and see the consumer's full credit report.



Advantages with Soft Pulls

  1. What information does the report show? Full Credit Report and FICO Score
  2. What is needed to do a pull? Name and address only
  3. Does it have an effect on credit? No, it does not hurt the consumer's credit
  4. Does the inquiry show on the consumer's credit report? No
  5. Does a soft pull trigger compliance? No


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