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Online Portal

Our online portal delivers an instant full file credit report. Seeing the customer's credit information and FICO score helps you qualify customers on the spot.

  • Does not impact the consumer's credit
  • No social or date of birth required
  • Full credit report
  • Access to all three bureaus
  • Fewer compliance obligations - save costs and headaches

What is a soft pull report?

A soft pull, or soft credit check, is a way to pre-qualify applicants without impacting consumers' credit.

Why use a soft pull report?

One reason businesses use a soft pull credit check is to see if their customers qualify for specific types of loans or large purchases. This helps avoid having multiple inquiries on consumers' credit reports. Pre-qualifying applicants with soft pulls help save time and money, while also guiding the prospect through the sales process with a better experience.

A soft pull helps brokers, lenders, and other businesses check consumer credit to understand creditworthiness and pre-qualify customers. Many companies will also review liens and judgment data, income information, and verify employment during the financing approval process. (Need a credit report on a business? We can help you with that too!)

With Soft Pull Solutions, you get the exact same information as a hard pull with no impact on your customer’s credit.

Soft Pull Solutions pulls data from the three main bureaus

One seamless pull gives you access to Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. Our Multi-Bureau Summary gives you an instant view of your applicants' credit scores from each of the three main credit bureaus. This makes it easy to highlight your highest credit score to quicken the credit decision process. Our credit report services include all the tools you need to meet your regulatory compliance requirements.

Do you feel you need hard pulls? We can help with those too! But only if you really do need to do a hard pull. Give us a call to discuss. A full file soft pull will be sufficient for most businesses.

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