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When generating leads, or creating a marketing strategy, understanding your target audience is crucial to success. You need to know everything about your target market: their likes, dislikes, age, gender, money habits, if they rent or own a house, and their credit situation.

Once you understand this information, it is much easier to create a marketing strategy that will bring about real leads and then turn into real opportunities for you and connect them with other industries.

When you generate leads and then pre-qualify your customers for a specific industry (equipment, solar, vehicles, personal loans, business loans, or anything else), you are then able to hand them off to companies within that industry to make the sale and make it happen. To have the most success, with the smallest amount of risk, you need to find the client and then check their financial history.

Types of lead generation and software businesses we work with: 

  • CRM
  • Lead management companies
  • Companies that have onboarding software
  • Practice management software (medical industry)
  • Loan origination systems
  • Tools for underwriters

This isn't a comprehensive list, and we'd love to answer any questions about your industry and using our services. Give us a call today!

Why Software and Lead Gen Companies Need A Powerful Credit Reporting System

No matter your exact business plan or strategy, a common element across the lead generation and software industries is the ability to run a credit check on your clients. There are a lot of reasons why you may need to do this (discover your market, find customers in that market, or pre-qualify them for loans going forward), and each of these reasons can lead to success in the future.

Regardless of your reasons, it is crucial that this report is complete, accurate, simple to get, and gathered quickly. Understanding a client's credit history allows you to market to them accurately. This information enables you to direct them to partners in the right industry with equipment, loans, or solar that meets their monetary ability.

Some industries can't pre-approve clients to make these big purchases. This inability makes the marketing and lead generation industry invaluable because they can save companies and people valuable time and money.

Another reason businesses in the marketing and lead generation industry need an accurate credit reporting software is that it allows you to focus on your specific market and then understand who to match them with. The information available on the credit report allows you to evaluate the risks involved in a loan and move forward with the right information.

Finally, running a soft check on your clients won't impact their credit score. It gives you the necessary information without negatively influencing your client's credit score. This often results in increased return traffic and more success moving forward.

Lead Generation & Software Companies

Benefits of Soft Pull Credit Reporting

There are a lot of benefits to utilizing Soft Pull Solutions as a business in the lead gen and software industry. Our custom API integration makes it easy to customize our software to fit your individual business needs. Our software derives credit reports from the three largest credit bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian), meaning our software's credit reports are composed of the most accurate information available.

Gain Leads

 In order to run a soft credit check, all you need is verbal consent, their name, and their address. Running this check doesn't require personal or sensitive information (social security number or birth date). Often, once you run a soft check on a client, they are more likely to stick with you until you pre-approve them and refer them to another industry. You can turn more people into serious customers and make successful referrals by running these soft checks.

Minimal Paperwork

Running these soft credit checks are much simpler because a client can fill out a simple online pre-qualification application. This application is much simpler and more straightforward than hard check applications. It also saves customers from having to give out their sensitive personal information. Without all this paperwork, it also means that you can run the check and gain the report much faster. Generating this report helps speed up the timeline and helps you run your business much more productively.

Market More Efficiently

Having the ability to run soft checks on your clients allows you to gather more information on them and market effectively. You can gain valuable information that will help you perform the best referral and negotiate more effectively. It allows you also to have a greater understanding of their risks. Having this information allows you to market your business more effectively in a way that will generate more leads going forward.

How Soft Pull Solutions Can Help You Grow Your Business

By utilizing our customizable software, you can gather the exact information necessary to grow your business successfully. Through Soft Pull Solutions, you can accurately gather the data necessary to generate more leads, protect those leads, and ultimately generate an increased amount of return customers.

Through Soft Pull Solutions, your business will generate more leads that can turn into invaluable customers. You can more accurately market yourself and your business to the market that will bring about the most success and most growth.

These leads can then turn into return business because of the simple, fast, and efficient process. The reports show valuable information that allows you to be informed about transactions, meaning your referrals will be more accurate and lead to more deals. This process saves you and your clients time and money, meaning more clients will become return clients. Keeping the customers you have and turning those into more business in the future is one of the most efficient ways to grow as a business.

Finally, you can protect your leads and your clients using our software. Because our software allows you to customize APIs to meet your business needs, you can use the software in a way that benefits you the most. We specialize in running soft credit checks, which don't impact clients' credit scores or leave an inquiry on their credit report. Because it is a soft check, it won't "trigger leads" in your competitors' marketing strategy.

Other Services We Offer To Help Your Business

The soft pull credit report is invaluable to any business within the lead generation and software industry. Still, we also offer other services that are sure to benefit your business, meet your goals, minimize risk, and increase the information you have. These services can help you successfully pre-qualify customers and then refer them to businesses that can successfully provide the product or service they were pre-qualified for.

Pre-Screen: This service allows you to market to your target audience in a way that will resonate with them and result in the most success. You can use this service to market to people based on their credit score and 1500 other completely customizable attributes. You can use this service to connect you with your desired customers.

Custom APIs: Our custom APIs cross-reference the data found on the reports to ensure that the information is entirely correct and the most accurate available. Using Soft Pull Solutions, you can customize APIs to fit your business needs. You can also integrate your business systems.

Alternative Credit Data: This service offers you an in-depth understanding of the risk involved in pre-approving a client to make a purchase and connecting them with a company that can meet their needs. You can learn more about banking, bank accounts, employment, property investments, debt payment timelines, and other information.

ID Verification and Fraud: Before pre-approving a client for a large purchase, it is essential to verify their identity. This service allows you to instantly and accurately verify a client's identity using their driver's license. It can also help you detect fraud and any red flag alerts that you need to be aware of.

Utilizing Soft Pull Solutions at your marketing and lead generation business can help you grow, save time and money, and ultimately make more sales. If you have other questions, set an appointment or call us at (844) 515-1550 today!

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