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Integrate Your Website to Our Portal

At Soft Pull Solutions, we know how important it is to give customers their own ability to start the credit and buying process. For this reason, we integrate a customer-facing web application that can be iframed directly to your website. The system can automatically send your online applicants a pre-approval letter in seconds (based on your minimum credit score criteria). Our program serves as a true lead generation tool and will send you alerts when a new lead has been submitted.


Adding an online qualification tool helps you find creditworthy customers. The process is fast, simple, and affordable for both customers and lenders.

  • No impact on consumers' credit score
  • Customer's name and address is the only requirement
  • Access to all three bureaus
  • Full file credit report. No different than what you will see on a hard pull

Online Portal and Decisioning Engine

Our online portal allows you to generate new credit reports and access past profiles. Use our decisioning engine to speed up the process by matching customers to different lenders and/or different lending programs. Preset your criteria with attributes such as:

  • Debt to income ratio
  • Credit score
  • Number of open trade lines
  • Bankruptcies
  • Number of inquiries
  • And more...

All credit reports and credit documentation will be held in secure electronic vaults for later use. With this electronic vault, you won’t have to worry about lost files or searching through filing cabinets to find the documents you need.

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