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Healthcare can get very expensive very quickly. Having the chance to finance an expensive procedure, cosmetic make-over, or costly dental implant often allows clients the option to follow through with these healthcare needs and desires.

When trying to determine if a patient is a good fit for a certain procedure or product, it can be frustrating because you may not have all of the information about a client's credit or loan opportunities. Soft Pull Solutions provides you with thorough credit reports that can help you determine how to best finance your healthcare solutions.

We help you simplify the process of allowing clients to move forward with these expensive procedures and figure out the best way to pay for them. Soft Pull Solutions provides comprehensive credit reports derived from the three most trusted credit bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, Experian). The credit report is created by running a soft pull on a client's credit. The benefits of a soft pull are extensive, including that they don't impact or leave an inquiry on a client's credit, don't impact the client's credit score, and don't require any personal information to run (Social Security Number, or Date of Birth).

Types of medical businesses we work with include: 

  • Lasik
  • Dental (implants, veneers, crowns, etc.)
  • Plastic surgery enhancements

  • Medical debt and expensive healthcare needs
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • Orthodontists

This isn't a comprehensive list, and we'd love to answer any questions about your industry and using our services. Give us a call today!

Why Medical Professionals Need a Powerful Credit Reporting Software

A powerful, fast, and accurate credit reporting software can drastically improve the process of financing extensive and costly healthcare procedures. Our software can allow you to pre-qualify clients for the expensive procedures that they need. These procedures may include LASIK eye surgery, orthodontic work, dental work (implants, veneers, crowns), plastic surgery enhancements, and other healthcare needs.

Soft Pull Credit Solutions generates reports that help you move forward with all the information you need to qualify a client for financing. The reports are generated through soft pulls, meaning the client's credit score isn't impacted, and they are simple to generate (no personal information or extensive paperwork is required). While the reports are simple to generate and have a comprehensive detail of your client’s credit history, they are also comprised of the most accurate information available.

We understand the importance of having accurate information available to help you determine the best next steps. The information on the complete credit report will help you move forward, evaluate the risk, and understand the best decision for you and your client. There are risks involved with any financial business decision, but having all of the available information can allow you to move forward and make the best decisions for your business.

Healthcare can get expensive. Dealing with the finances behind costly procedures can slow the process down and add stress to you and your clients. Soft Pull Solutions can help you simplify this process. Our software and custom APIs can save you time and money.

Benefits of Soft Pull Credit Reporting for Medical Professionals

There are huge benefits of running a soft pull on your medical clients. Our custom API integration allows you to customize our software to meet your individual business needs and generate the most valuable information for you and your clients. The information on our reports is simple to gather and is the most accurate information available, all done without impacting your client's credit score.

Save Time & Money

When it comes to making large purchases and financial decisions, time is of the essence. It is important to help your clients move forward with their health care needs in a timely manner. Soft Pull Solutions will allow you to promptly move forward with the dental work, surgery, or cosmetic procedure.

Gather Necessary Information

Moving forward with costly healthcare procedures can be overwhelming for you and your clients. Our comprehensive credit report helps provide clients with important information that will allow them to make informed decisions about their health care and how that will impact their finances moving forward.

The information within the credit report also provides you and your business with important information that will help you accurately evaluate the risks involved and make the best financial decisions for you while also providing quality care for your patients.


A significant disadvantage of other credit reporting software is the extensive paperwork required to gather the information. Our software allows you to gather this information without collecting sensitive personal information on your client. Patients can fill out a simple online pre-qualifying application that will allow you to run a soft check on them.

Cutting out this paperwork allows everyone to gather the information faster and move forward more efficiently. Simplifying this process makes it less stressful for patients and ultimately will generate more return clients and create a positive experience for everyone.

Who Has Used Our Credit Reporting Services?

Medical professionals who offer elective surgeries or cosmetic procedures use our credit reporting services to prequalify their patients for financing.


Lasik Eye Surgeries 





Plastic Surgeons

Tummy Tucks

Nose Jobs

Breast Reconstruction

Excess Skin Removal 

Bariatric Surgeons

Weight Loss Surgery

How Soft Pull Solutions Can Help You Grow Your Business

Running soft credit checks on clients and patients allows everyone to be on the same page moving forward. It allows for increased communication, more accurate information, and overall a better experience.

Creating this simple process to determine how to pay for costly health care procedures will result in more future patients. Creating a positive experience for your current clients can result in return customers and increased customers moving forward. It will also help you save time and money, meaning more time to do more procedures and service more patients.

Soft Pull Solutions also helps you minimize risk within your business. Our trusted, complete reports provide you with the necessary information to make the smartest business decisions possible and minimize the risk of things going poorly in the future.

Our custom API integration allows you to generate the information you need specifically for your business. You can tailor the software to meet your exact needs. Our custom API integration allows you to pull information from your own data sources, making everything simpler and providing you with the information you need.

Other Services We Offer To Help Your Business

While we offer accessible, convenient, and quick credit reports based on a soft credit pull, we also offer other services that can help simplify and improve your business.

Hard Credit Pull: Whether you are working to pre-approve a client for a LASIK eye surgery or a cosmetic procedure, you may need to run a hard credit pull to provide this information. While the information found on the soft pull and hard pull is similar, sometimes this extra service is required. For this reason, this is included in the services Soft Pull Solutions offers to help your business run more efficiently.

Alternative Credit Data: The information on the alternative credit data report gives you a deeper look at a client's financial history and can help you accurately evaluate the risk involved. This report provides information about a client's bank accounts, banking habits, income, employment status, property, rental lengths, payment timelines, and more information.

Automated Income Check (AIC) & Employment Verification: This service enables you to gather invaluable information about your client's income, employment status, employment, tenure, and other facts about their employment history. This information is gathered on a fast, efficient, and accurate report.

API Integrations: Soft Pull Solutions allows you to integrate custom APIs into your business. This service allows you to meet all the needs of your business, no matter what they are. You can view valuable reports, detect red flags, and integrate reports from your database.

Utilizing Soft Pull Solutions for your healthcare business can help you grow, save time and money, and ultimately make more sales. If you have other questions, set an appointment or call us at (844) 515-1550 today!

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