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No matter the type or size of the dealership you own, having reliable software to check credit scores, credit histories, and help pre-qualify consumers for a loan is imperative.

Having this reliable software can improve the communication between you and clients, allow the process to move faster, and save you time and money.

At Soft Pull Solutions, we help you simplify this process by quickly gaining valuable information. Our software performs soft pulls on consumers' credit scores to provide you with important information. The complete report is created through our software that pulls consumers' credit through our integrated APIs. On top of that, it won't impact their credit score.

Types of dealerships we work with include: 

  • RV dealership
  • Big rigs and other commercial trucks
  • Tractors and lawn mowers
  • Power sports

  • Buy here pay here
  • Lease here pay here
  • Golf cart
  • Automotive

This isn't a comprehensive list, and we'd love to answer any questions about your industry and using our services. Give us a call today!

Why Dealerships Need a Powerful Credit Reporting Solution

Soft Pull Solutions software allows you to perform soft pull credit checks from your website. This service drastically simplifies the process because it will enable you to quickly pre-qualify a consumer for their big purchase. An additional benefit is that a consumer doesn't need to provide you with extensive personal information (date of birth or social security number) or spend valuable time filling out an extended credit application.

Running this check also saves time and money when someone comes into your dealership. Simplifying the process of running the credit check and pre-qualifying consumers lowers the stress of making these large purchases, which allows you to close faster and ultimately make more sales.

When making these large sales, consumers often require a loan which requires a credit check. Running a hard check can impact a person's credit score, while a soft check won't. When you have an idea of the complete picture of their credit score, you can efficiently negotiate seamlessly. This process of quickly gaining a complete and accurate credit report saves both you and the consumer time and money.

Our software can help you successfully run this check to pre-approve your consumers quickly and efficiently if you require a hard check rather than a soft pull.

Auto, RV, and Other Dealerships

Benefits of Soft Pull Credit Reports

Prequalify Customers

The ability to gain a complete, accurate credit report that doesn't impact the consumer's credit score allows you to pre-qualify customers for auto loans. This knowledge allows you to negotiate accurately and be informed on what the consumer can purchase.

This knowledge is a benefit for you but also the consumer. It removes some of the stress of making large purchases (like a car, boat, or trailer). It also provides your company with vital information to evaluate risk and fully understand the consumer. The data is cross-referenced to catch any fraudulent activities or red flags within the consumer's history. This service ensures that your lending decisions are made with the most accurate information available.

Save Time

Utilizing our software allows you to make informed decisions about loans, negotiations, and consumers through accurate information. Generating these reports through our software will save you time and effort.

Consumers are happy to have this type of report run because it doesn't impact their credit score, but it still provides you with the information needed to pre-approve them. With our software, you are able to cut out time that would have been wasted gaining this pre-approval information from other sources. It saves you time while also saving your client's time.


Utilizing our software that pulls credit reports through our integrated APIs, you can run a full credit report and gather all the necessary information to move forward and make informed decisions.

Our software makes the process of marketing to consumers, pre-approving them, negotiating, and making the sale more seamless. It creates an efficient environment that helps lower the stress of making these big purchases while saving time and money as a dealership.

Our software allows you to gather this information easily and quickly and move forward. The additional benefits of pre-screening, identification verification, fraud, license plate data, and compliance management make it an extremely efficient process for everyone involved.

How Soft Pull Solutions Can Help You Grow Your Dealership

Doing a soft pull on every client that walks into your dealership allows you and the consumer to be on the same page going into negotiations, loans, and eventually the purchase. Performing a soft pull credit report won't impact their credit score, and you don't need any sensitive information to do it.

Doing this allows you to accurately negotiate a deal, pre-approve them for purchase, and gain an understanding of the risks.

Using our software helps everything run smoother, faster, and save you money. Ultimately, this allows you to grow your dealership, make more sales, and end up with more happy customers.

Our software with integrated API allows you to get a full credit report, making the process of closing big sales run smoother, faster, and cheaper. Our software can help you expand your dealership and make more sales.

Other Services We Offer To Help Your Dealership

On top of running soft credit checks, our software can perform more data analysis to give you a complete understanding of any risk involved.

Alternative Credit Data: The information on this report allows you to get a deeper and more complete look at a client's banking habits, accounts, employment status, income, property, payment timeliness, rental lengths, and other information. Understanding this information allows you to gain a deeper knowledge of risk while gaining more insights about the consumer.

License Plate Data: Especially as a car dealership, it is super important to gain knowledge about a client's history, vehicle information, and verify previous automobile transactions. Our software allows you to compile this data, detect fraud early, and make informed decisions.

Compliance Management: It can be hard to stay organized when running these reports and gathering information about countless clients. Our software has a compliance dashboard to increase organization and help you stay on top of it. It also can send adverse action letters for you. This service will save you time and money because it can lower the labor cost of paying someone to do it and remove the risk of human error. It helps keep files organized to decrease your time spent sorting through files.

ID Verification: Using a consumer's driver's license, you can verify their identity. It is instant verification, with the most accurate results available. This service also helps detect fraud early and raises red flag alerts at any suspicious activity. Utilizing this service within your dealership will help you minimize risk and grow your dealership successfully.

API Integration: Our API integration sets us apart from other soft pull credit report companies. Our data is cross-referenced across multiple parameters to catch fraudulent activity and help you make the most informed lending decisions possible.

Utilizing Soft Pull Solutions at your dealership can help you grow, save time and money, and ultimately make more sales. If you have other questions, schedule an appointment or call us at (844) 515-1550 today!

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