Full-File Credit Reports for All Three Bureaus

Soft Pulls and Hard Pulls


Same Data, Same Information, and the Same Score

Soft Pulls Return A Full File Credit Report

Why Soft Pull Credit Reports?

  • No social security number or date of birth needed
  • Consumers' credit and FICO score is not affected
  • Returns the exact same data as a traditional credit report
  • Soft pulls do not prompt compliance
  • The inquiry does not show on the consumer's credit report
  • Click Here: Full Soft Pull Solutions Credit Report Sample

Access to all Three Bureaus

One seamless pull gives you access to Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.

  • Review 2 or 3 bureau reports concurrently
  • Identify the best FICO score instantly
  • Ability to deliver the same response format for all three bureaus
  • Customizable responses to fit your needs
  • Lifting of a consumers credit freeze can be done through API Integration

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