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In the solar industry, it all comes down to the bottom line. Stay ahead of your competition with the help of innovative credit reporting software.

Solar energy companies are finding it increasingly difficult, and often costly, to identify and contact the right consumers. Credit reporting software can help solar companies in growing faster with comprehensive reports about their clients and customers.

At Soft Pull Solutions, our reliable credit reporting solutions enable solar utility providers to close more sales and scale their businesses faster. When you can reduce your risk by giving loans solely to the most eligible consumers, your firm has that much more potential for growth.

Types of solar companies we work with: 

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Solar installers
  • Solar dealers
  • Solar sales company
  • Solar finance companies
  • Solar brokers
  • Solar leasing companies

This isn't a comprehensive list, and we'd love to answer any questions about your industry and using our services. Give us a call today!

Why Solar Companies Need a Powerful Credit Reporting Solution

Soft Pull Solutions software enables you to conduct soft pull credit checks directly from your website. This service greatly simplifies the process by allowing you to quickly pre-qualify a customer for large transactions. This will help reduce the workload for both you and your team.

Another advantage of credit reporting software is that your clients won’t have to provide extensive personal information (date of birth or social security number) or spend valuable time filling out a lengthy credit application. You can also avoid long and time-consuming meetings with clients. When a potential client is interested in your solar company, you can run credit checks that can save you time and money.

Simplifying the process of running credit checks and pre-qualifying customers reduces the stress of making large purchases, allowing you to close more deals faster and ultimately make more sales.

If you require a hard pull for a loan-related check rather than a soft pull, our software can assist you in successfully running this check to pre-approve your consumers quickly and efficiently too.

Benefits of Soft Pull Credit Reports for Solar Companies

Prequalify Customers

You can pre-qualify customers for financing of their solar power installation if you can obtain a complete, accurate credit report that does not affect the consumer's credit score. This data enables you to accurately negotiate and be informed about what the consumer can purchase.

This important data is advantageous not only to you but also to the consumer. It alleviates some of the anxiety associated with large purchases. It also provides critical information for your company to evaluate risk and fully understand the consumer. The data is cross-referenced in order to detect any fraudulent activities or red flags in the consumer's history. This service ensures that your lending decisions are based on the most up-to-date information.

Save Time

Through accurate information, you can make informed decisions about loans, negotiations, and consumers by using our software. Using our software to generate these reports will save you time and effort.

Consumers appreciate that this type of report does not affect their credit score, but it still provides you with the information you need to pre-approve them. You can save time by using our software instead of obtaining this pre-approval information from other sources. It saves you time as well as your client's time.


You can run a full credit report and gather all the necessary information to move forward and make informed decisions by utilizing our software that pulls credit reports through our integrated APIs.

How Soft Pull Solutions Can Help You Grow Your Solar Company

Our software includes an integrated API that allows you to obtain a full credit report, making the process of closing large sales easier, faster, and less expensive. Our software can assist you in expanding your solar company and increasing sales. Performing a soft pull on every consumer who comes to your solar firm ensures that you and the customer are on the same page when it comes to financing.

Conducting a soft pull for your customers to obtain their credit records will have no effect on their credit scores and will not require any sensitive information from them. This enables you to accurately negotiate a deal, pre-approve them for purchase, and understand the risks.

Using our software will make everything run more smoothly and quickly, while also saving you money. Ultimately, this will allow you to expand your business, make more sales, and have more satisfied customers.

Other Services We Offer To Help Your Solar Company

In addition to performing soft credit checks, our software can perform additional data analysis to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of any risk involved.

Alternative Credit Data: The information on our alternative credit report gives you a more in-depth and complete picture of a client's banking habits, accounts, employment status, income, property, payment history and other details. Understanding this information allows you to gain a deeper understanding of risk while also learning more about the client.

Compliance Management: It can be difficult to stay organized when running reports and gathering data on a large number of clients. Our software includes a compliance dashboard to help you stay organized and on top of things. It can also send you adverse action letters. This service will save you time and money by lowering the labor cost of hiring someone to do it and eliminating the risk of human error. It also assists in keeping files organized, reducing the amount of time spent sorting through files.

ID Verification: You can verify a consumer's identity by using their driver's license. ID verification can provide instant verification and the most accurate results available. This service also assists in the early detection of fraud and raises red flag alerts in the event of any suspicious activity. Thorough ID verification can benefit your solar company by minimizing risk and allowing it to grow faster.

API Integration: API integration is a service that we offer that other credit reporting providers don’t. API makes it easier for businesses to pull from their own data sources. You can also customize API to fit the needs of your business. With our API integration, your data is cross-referenced across multiple platforms in order to detect fraudulent activity and assist you in making the best decisions possible.

Solar businesses can greatly benefit from a streamlined process as our world becomes more efficient both online and offline. The more satisfied customers are with your service, the more likely they are to use it again. The more efficiently your business operates, the more sales and services you can provide to more customers.

Soft Pull Solutions can save you time and money, help you increase sales, and assist your solar firm in growing faster. Arrange an appointment or call us at (844) 515-1550 today to get started with credit reporting software.

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