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Large equipment purchases, whether for commercial or consumer use, are expensive. And buyers frequently require financing to help make the purchase more feasible. But as the seller, you need to know that your customer has the means to make continued payments.

Soft Pull Solutions can help. We provide thorough credit reporting solutions and prequalification services to help you mitigate the risk of defaulted payments on equipment sales.

Types of equipment businesses we work with include:

  • Gym equipment
  • Medical equipment (examination tables, x-ray machines, sonograms, EKG machines, etc.)
  • Sports equipment (basketball courts, golf clubs, other outdoor equipment, etc.)
  • Business equipment
  • Office equipment
  • Farm machinery (tractors, plows, sprinkler systems, etc.)
  • Restaurant equipment such as commercial ovens
  • Machines in manufacturing
  • Auto mechanic shops (welding equipment, diagnostic machines, specialized parts, and tools)
  • Breweries (tanks, grain milling and handling systems, boilers, pumps, etc.)
  • Conveyor belts
  • Computers, servers, & cooling equipment
  • Wiring and hardware
  • Scanners
  • Printers
  • Photo booths
  • Video equipment
  • Water purifiers
  • Tires

This isn't a comprehensive list, and we'd love to answer any questions about your industry and using our services. Give us a call today!

Why Equipment Companies Need Soft Pull Solutions

Powerful credit reporting software allows businesses to streamline the prequalification process for large equipment purchases. Soft Pull Solutions generates comprehensive reports to help you understand the risk of each potential buyer.

Through soft pull credit checks, you can gather the information you need without impacting your customer’s credit. You don’t even need their date of birth or social security number.

Benefits of Soft Pulls For Equipment Companies

Save Time

With our software, you receive real-time data to minimize waiting time. Sales decisions require timeliness and efficiency on your end, so we do everything we can to streamline the credit reporting side of things for you.

Prequalify Customers

Soft pulls allow you to prequalify customers for financing without impacting their credit scores. This keeps your customers satisfied and helps move the process along without the need for a lengthy application process.

Accurately Evaluate Risk

Making informed decisions is crucial to your business growth. Our reports provide you with comprehensive consumer data to help you stay informed and evaluate the risk of each potential customer.

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