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Equip yourself with the latest electronic verification for an accurate, instant verification process for fraud and counterfeit authentication for ID's and driver's licenses. Available on iOS and Android, this mobile method of authentication provides convenience and security all-in-one.

Driver's License Verification

Designed and powered by Mitek®, one of the world's top identity protection platforms, verifying customers and identification has never been faster with this integrated API. Capable of conducting 24 instantaneous detection checks on IDs and driver's licenses, this e-verification process provides security and accuracy at the touch of a button. Information is protected and maintained to the highest standards enforced by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). 

Clients and lender alike can benefit from the integrated convenience of remote transactions. Without the need for physical documentation or filing, instantly record digital copies of IDs or licenses for immediate verification results. Protect yourself and your clients from further loss from credit applications, test-drives, and more.

For added convenience, applications and documents are auto-filled with ID and license information by a simple scan of the front and back. Never fill an entire document field by field again with this streamlined processing and autofill feature, all safely encrypted and stored in the eVault for extra security.

Red Flag Compliance and Fraud

Our verifying compliance suite helps individuals and lenders detect fraud that might otherwise be overlooked. Some red flags are as common as an address mismatch while some are larger and less common, like social security card checking. Using our e-verify resource allows individuals to avoid having contracts returned from lenders due to unexpected red flags. This can potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Fraudulence is a persistent battle; people are always finding new ways to hide it. Synthetic identity detection uses a number of different factors to identify false identities and expose fraudulent activity. Synthetic identity fraud is a combination of unused social security numbers and fabricated data to create new and highly sophisticated personas. Failing to recognize a synthetic identity can lead to:

  • Damaged reputation
  • Fines for noncompliance with “Know Your Customer”
  • Account opening and maintenance costs
  • Monetary loss from the unpaid balance
  • Rising collections costs for tracking down fake people
  • Thinner margins
  • Less advantageous rates for customers

Using synthetic identity detection can help you avoid these situations and protect your business.

Soft Pull Solution’s Red Flag Review dashboard tells you if a red flag is ever raised or if an OFAC alert is ever sounded. If these things happen, an email is sent to responsible management personnel with an action request to have it taken care of. With the review dashboard, red flags don’t get overlooked or mishandled.

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