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Unlock the power of property insights with Soft Pull Solutions' Address Search tool. Tailored for solar companies, home improvement services, alarm companies, and door-to-door sales, this tool is your go-to resource for discovering key property information instantly. This is also a great tool for real estate investors, or “fix and flip” when wanting to find the contact information of a property owner.

What It Does

Our Address Search tool offers unparalleled access to state and local databanks from over 3,100 counties in the US, covering 93%-99% of deeds and assessments records. Retrieve essential property information, including:

  • Property unit number
  • Property address
  • Owner name & address
  • Sale amount
  • Prior sale price
  • Sale date
  • Tax Assessment
  • Deed
  • SAM/Mortgage
  • Notice of Default/Pre-Foreclosure Data

Gain insight into property owners, physical site and mailing addresses, land and building property details, and financial information.

Why Use It

  • Collections Professionals: Efficiently locate individuals based on owned properties, assess property values for debt collection, and streamline recovery efforts.
  • Home Service Businesses: Identify property owners effortlessly, accessing crucial information like names, aliases, Social Security Numbers, dates of birth, addresses, and phone numbers.

Data Provided

The Address Search tool provides a wealth of data, including:

  • SSN
  • Date of Birth
  • Name and aliases
  • Current and previous addresses
  • Associated phone numbers
  • First and last seen dates

Additional Information About the Reports

Our Address Search tool reveals property ownership and recent sales by an individual. This versatile tool enables searches based on an individual's address or a combination of name and address, providing you with a wealth of property records updated daily. The report comprises two main sections:

1. Summary & Match Indicator Sections

Quickly identify and scan matched records and information with the summary and match indicator sections. Streamlined for efficiency, these sections give you a bird's-eye view of pertinent details.

2. Detail Sections for Each Record Type

Dive deeper into each record type with detailed sections, extracting comprehensive information sourced directly from Tax Assessor and County Recorder of Deeds offices. Uncover details such as property unit number, owner information, sale history, tax assessment, deeds, and more.

Sample Report

Start Using Our Address Search Tool Today!

Discover the owner of a particular home or address, track down individuals for collections purposes, and facilitate recovery efforts with our powerful Address Search tool. Fill out the form below or call Soft Pull Solutions today to learn more.


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