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Protect yourself, your property, or your business by performing thorough eviction searches and tenant screenings – including a criminal background check. Soft Pull Solutions’ access to an enhanced database and eviction search algorithm can help. This service helps landlords, property management companies, realtors, leasing agents, and other businesses and other businesses who need access to residential and commercial rental history.

Our full suite of services can help you identify the best candidates for new tenants and weed out those most likely to default on payments. Whether you provide commercial or residential services, our solutions can get the job done.

What Eviction Search Does

Our eviction search provides information about evictions and other suits for individuals and businesses across all of the United States and Guam.

Features include:

  • Quick access to public records
  • Searching by personally identifiable information (PII) like names, aliases, birthdate, and addresses
  • Algorithms and logic that match individuals up with previous addresses and aliases

Information that our eviction search can uncover:

  • Defendant and plaintiff information (including name, social security number, and address)
  • Case information (filing number, type of filing, date of filing, and the amount)
  • Court information (jurisdiction, location, etc.)

The more information you can provide for a tenant screening and eviction search, the more complete results our eviction search will return.

Enhanced Reports Entail:

  • Eviction Record
  • Tax Lien Record
  • Judgment Record
  • Suit Record

Two Sample Reports:

Eviction Search Sample Report

Enhanced Eviction Search Sample Report

Criminal Background Check

Soft Pull Solutions can help your business review whether a potential tenant as a background of criminal activity. Our databases allow us to pull the following reports:

  • US Criminal Report - Nationwide search to discover records for criminals and sex offenders, arrests, warrants, and traffic records
  • Criminal State and National Search - Receive reports of felonies, misdemeanors, incarcerations, and traffic records from multiple states
  • Criminal Sex Offender Search - Felony sex offense records from multiple states
  • US Sex Offender Report - Reports from national criminal records from all 50 states to gather information about current registered sex offenders
  • Rapsheets and Criminal Database Search - Comprehensive online criminal database that returns records from court, Department of Corrections, and law enforcement
  • County Felony & Misdemeanor - 7-year countywide felony and misdemeanor search
  • County Felony Search - 7-year countywide felony search
  • Manual State Search - 7-year statewide search for felony and misdemeanors in selected states

See A Sample Report

Get the Full Picture

You will likely have potential tenants that don’t disclose everything on their rental application, including previous evictions and suits against them. Get the full picture with a complete eviction search and background check.

This service is also beneficial for leasing agents, employee screening, merchant verification, credit decisions, and providing business credentials.

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