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Soft Pull Solutions allows you to pull all of the most important credit information accurately and quickly so that you can make more sales with peace of mind.

Our web portal provides a comprehensive file credit report in real-time. Knowing the customer's credit history and FICO score allows you to qualify them on the spot. Our customized APIs obtain credit reports from the three most important and trustworthy credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and Transunion.

As a business owner, you want a system you can rely on and one that can help you streamline your work. With our credit reporting software, businesses can easily pull data from their own data sources. Determine credit and eligibility accurately with software that pulls credit from our connected APIs. Our data is cross-referenced across several sources to screen out fake identities and fraudulent behavior, ensuring that your loan decisions are based on the most up-to-date market information.

Why Do Jewelers Need a Strong Credit Reporting Solution?

Soft Pull Solutions credit reporting software allows you to perform soft pull credit checks straight from your dashboard. This credit solution considerably simplifies the process by allowing you to immediately pre-qualify a consumer for large transactions. This can help you and your team minimize workload.

Another advantage of credit reporting software is that your customers will not have to supply sensitive personal information (date of birth or social security number) or waste valuable time filling out a lengthy credit application.

Your jewelry business can avoid lengthy and time-consuming meetings with clients with our software. When a new client expresses interest in taking out a loan, you will save time with our streamlined process. Simplifying the process of performing credit checks and pre-qualifying consumers lessens the burden of making significant purchases, allowing you to close more deals faster and eventually earn more sales.

Soft Pull Credit Reporting Benefits for Jewelers

No Impact

There are several advantages to using Soft Pull Solutions in the jewelry business. The major advantage is it will not affect your customer’s credit scores. You'll need the client's consent, but no social security number or date of birth is required. Our soft pull reports provide the same information that a hard pull can. Using our soft pulls will help your business gather essential customer information and help your business negotiate loans, and make the best financial decisions for your business’s future.

Quick Reporting

Nothing is more frustrating than having to wait long periods to obtain a credit report. With our credit reporting software, the waiting time is significantly reduced. Our results are sent quickly, allowing you to work more efficiently.

We understand that dealing with loans, funding, and other financial circumstances is a time-sensitive matter. Therefore, we try to make data collection as easy and quick as possible while still providing you with the most full and accurate information available on your clients. Time is a valuable asset for any business, and we appreciate your time.

Evaluate Risk

Making educated judgments about customer loans is critical in any profession, especially in the jeweler's business. Making the wrong decision or failing to have comprehensive and accurate information can lead to massive losses.

Gathering information about your customer’s income, employment history, bank accounts, payment history, and other financial information can help you approach your meetings prepared. The credit report contains vital information on accounts and can detect any red flags, fraudulent activity, and risks that may be relevant to your decision-making process. This extra information can help you appropriately assess the associated risks before extending loans to your clients.

How Soft Pull Solutions Can Help Your Jewelry Business Grow

We can help you simplify the process of assisting customers in moving forward with their jewelry loans and determining the best method of payment for them. Our platform offers an API that allows you to access comprehensive credit reports that help make large sales easier, faster, and cheaper. When you perform a soft pull on every customer that needs a loan, you guarantee that you and the customer are on the same page when it comes to financing your customers.

A soft pull to access your clients' credit reports will not affect their credit scores and will not demand any sensitive information from them. This allows you to negotiate a transaction proficiently, pre-approve them for purchases, and understand the risks.

Using our software will improve the efficiency and speed of your operations while also saving you money. Ultimately, this will help you grow your business, increase sales, and have happier customers.

Other Ways We Can Help Your Jewelry Business

There are other ways our credit reporting software can help your jewelry business grow:

Alternative Credit Data: The information on our alternative credit report provides you with a more comprehensive view of a client's banking habits, accounts, job status, income, property, payment history, and other important information. With this data, you will better understand loan risk while also learning more about your customers.

Compliance Management: Staying organized might be challenging when running reports and gathering data on a significant number of clients. A compliance dashboard is included in our program to help you keep organized and on top of things. This service will save you time and money by minimizing the labor cost of hiring someone to do it for you and reduce the risk of human error. It also helps keep files organized, minimizing the time spent sorting through files.

ID Verification: With ID verification, you can use a consumer's driver's license to verify their identification. ID verification provides quick verification and helps identify fraud by generating red flag notifications in the case of any suspicious activity. With ID verification, you can keep your jewelry business safe by removing risky customers or those who might claim to be someone they’re not. Avoiding fraud can keep your business from making expensive and reputation-harming mistakes. By being able to detect fraudulent behavior, you will be able to make the best business decisions possible.

API Integration: We also provide API integration. Businesses that wish to stay ahead of the competition and expand faster should consider adopting and implementing custom APIs. We will assist you in resolving financial issues that have hindered you from closing some of the most challenging loans. You can tailor API to your own business needs and cross-reference it across multiple platforms.

As our world grows more efficient both online and offline, jewelry businesses may greatly benefit from a streamlined process. Customers are more inclined to utilize your service again if they are happy with it. The more efficiently your business operates, the more sales and services you can deliver to your clients.

Soft Pull Solutions can help you save time and money, increase sales, and help your jewelry business grow faster. Schedule an appointment or call us at (844) 515-1550 now to get started with credit reporting software.

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