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How APIs Help Your Business and Your Consumer

In our modern digital age, information is readily available at the click of a button. Deciding what information is pertinent to your business and consumer can be the difference between a positive or negative experience for everyone involved. Integrated APIs (application programming interfaces) on customer-facing web applications can generate organic leads you’d otherwise miss, making this simple online feature one of the most valuable assets on the web.

How APIs help your business

Utilizing appropriate APIs can streamline any automated process if used with the correct data. Lenders frequently sift through client information to regulate credit approvals, credit history, establish qualifying criteria or public statistics to check individuals for loans, services or products.

Consider the endless amount of consumer data available from any business, whether it be the amount of times a product was purchased, a location was visited or dollars spent on various services. Making this data accessible and categorized through streamlined interfaces allows your business to subliminally cater personalized recommendations per customer without the added effort of doing the work yourself.

Businesses can also rely on private APIs for internal use to determine client eligibility. Employees would have secure access to client information for insurance claims or sales quotes without any initial interaction. In addition, businesses and employees can monitor red flags, ID verifications, fraud checks or liens and judgments in real-time. This efficient process fills the gap between the customer and business through an API’s ease of information anywhere in the world.

How APIs help your consumer

A custom and personalized API can provide consumers a welcomed and tailored experience without first visiting your business or speaking to an employee. Visiting an application or website with an integrated, simplified process for any service or qualification can be the determining factor when choosing to work with you.

For example, a consumer, John, logs on to your website the night before choosing to purchase a new vehicle. The dealership is already closed for the evening, but John notices a pre-qualifying API to alleviate the hours-long process of verifying credit history, financing through nearby banks or simply qualifying for the vehicle he intends to buy before ever stepping foot inside the dealership. Even if John is found to not be qualified for the vehicle he’s looking for, the API can simplify determinations and even recommend other vehicles or financing options that best suit his needs without defaulting to a competing dealer. The dealership has now gained an automated lead and streamlined the sales and qualification process for both the business and consumer.

The API takeaway

As our world becomes more efficient both on and offline, businesses and consumers can both benefit from a streamlined process. The happier a consumer is with your service, the more likely they are to utilize that service. The more efficient your business functions, the more sales and services you offer can be provided to more consumers. This cyclical reality has proven to generate more positive experiences for business owners, lenders and consumers alike, which make services like Soft Pull Solutions a one-stop-shop for integrating customized credit reporting APIs for any business.

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