Industry Applications

At Soft Pull Solutions we have recently worked with several businesses in the solar, automotive, and financial industries. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t open to working with other types of businesses. If your business has a need to run no-impact credit reports on potential customers, then our service can definitely help.

To learn how we can help you and your customers, find your respective industry below or give us a call.



Get your prospect’s credit score before you even bid on a job. Our clients in the solar industry use our software to prequalify their customers so they can save time and money by only sending bids to those who qualify.


Run a soft pull credit report on consumers while they are at the lot. This is a helpful tool in the automotive industry because it helps streamline the sales process. And because soft pulls don’t hurt a consumer’s credit report, they are happy to have this done in order to make a same-day purchase.


Whether you work with business or personal loans, our system can help you. Professionals in the financial industry use our software because it is simple, quick, and reliable. Pull your customers’ credit reports without going through the hassle of sending your customer to a third-party service.