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Why Businesses that Offer Payment Plans Need Soft Pull Solutions

Soft Pull Solutions is a software firm that allows you to obtain a comprehensive credit report for your clients without negatively affecting their credit. All you need to obtain a report is your client's address and full name; no social security number or date of birth is required. When you can limit your risk by only lending to the most qualified customers, your firm has a lot more room to grow.

Credit Reporting for Businesses that Offer Payment Plans

If you have a service or product that you offer your customers, and you're looking to pull credit on your customers to pre-qualify them for your offerings, then it's important that your business has a financing or payment plan option. This is a necessary aspect of your business that you need in order to pull credit report data from the three credit bureaus. 

So, if your business offers payment plans or financing for your products or services, we have the solution for you!

Soft Pull Solutions' dependable credit reporting solutions can help your business close more deals and manage customer growth more efficiently. Our credit reporting service is designed to help accounting firms stay ahead of the competition.

When it comes to application programming, you want a system you can rely on and help you streamline your business tasks. Thanks to Soft Pull Solutions' API integration, businesses can easily pull data from their own data sources and customize API to fit their business needs.

With our credit reporting software, your data is cross-referenced across numerous platforms to screen out false identities and fraudulent behavior, ensuring that your accounting decisions are based on up-to-date information which will help protect your business from costly mistakes and fraud.

How Soft Pull Solutions Can Help

With Soft Pull Solutions, you can obtain a thorough credit report, making bulk sales easier, faster, and less expensive. Our software will help expand your business and increase revenue. When you conduct a soft pull on each customer that requires a loan, you ensure that you and the consumer are on the same page when it comes to financing your clients.

The best part of a soft pull is that it gives you access to your client's credit reports and has no negative influence on their credit scores, which means it requires no sensitive information from customers. This will help you negotiate more transactions quickly. Our software will increase the efficiency and speed of your transactions while saving you money so that you can grow your business, make more sales, and leave customers satisfied.

The Advantages of Soft Pull Credit Reports

Prequalify Customers

Pre-qualify consumers for projects with a comprehensive, accurate credit report that does not affect the consumer's credit score. Our credit reports will give you information about your clients to help you make educated decisions about the clients you want to work with and eliminate risk. With our soft pull reports, data is cross-referenced in order to detect any fraudulent activity or red flags in the consumer's past. This service guarantees that your financing decisions are based on accurate and updated information.

Time is Money

With reliable information about your clients, you can save money and time. Using our software to generate comprehensive client reports helps avoid unnecessary and lengthy meetings with clients. More time saved can mean you can work with more clients, which will help you make more money.


You can quickly run a comprehensive credit report and obtain important information about clients by pulling credit reports through our connected APIs. Our platform streamlines the process of marketing to consumers, pre-approving them, negotiating, and closing deals. This will reduce the stress of making large transactions for your business and enable you to obtain information so you can move on with important sales leads faster.

Other Services We Can Offer

Our software has many other services that can benefit your business, which include:

Alternative credit data: The information on our alternative credit report gives you a more detailed picture of a client's banking habits, accounts, work status, income, property, payment history, and other important information. With this data, you can have a better understanding of the risks associated with working with certain clients while also knowing more about the customer.

Compliance management: It might be difficult to stay organized while running reports and gathering data on a large number of clients. Our software includes a compliance dashboard to help you stay organized and on top of things. This service will save you time and money by lowering the labor cost of hiring someone to do it for you and eliminating the possibility of human error. It also aids in file organization to reduce the amount of time spent sorting through documents.

ID verification: You can confirm a consumer's identification by using their driver's license. ID verification can provide both quick verification and the most accurate results. This service also aids in the early detection of fraud by sending out red flag alerts in the event of any suspicious activity. Comprehensive ID verification may benefit your business by lowering risk and allowing it to grow more quickly.

API Integration: In contrast to other credit reporting bureaus, we provide API integration. Businesses that wish to remain ahead of the competition and expand should seriously consider adopting and implementing custom APIs. Businesses can easily pull data from their own data sources thanks to Soft Pull Solutions' API accessibility.

Whether it's hard credit pulls, soft credit pulls, ID verification, or red flag services that you need, you can integrate a custom API to meet the demands of your business using Soft Pull Solutions.

Any business can significantly benefit from a streamlined process. When you offer financing or payment plans, you will be able to pick the most suitable clients and help them in the best way possible. If you want customers to work with you, you need to make sure they’re pleased with your service, which will ensure they will likely use it again. The more effective your business, the more sales and services you can deliver to clients.

Soft Pull Solutions can help you save time and money, increase sales, and accelerate the growth of your business. To schedule an appointment, call us at (844) 515-1550 to get started with our credit reporting software today.

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