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Why Your Company Should Use Soft Pulls For Customer Credit Checks

The first question here is, what are soft credit pulls? A soft credit check is a credit check that doesn’t impact your customers’ credit. And it can generally be accessed with just a customer’s name and address. This is a great source for companies that would like to be able to do a bit of pre-qualification for their customers and can make conversations with potential clients more worthwhile since your company would be able to access at least some of their information.

Here are a few benefits for choosing to start with a soft pull credit check for your clients:

Get Leads Online

Pre-qualification applications look more appealing to clients when the application is short and they only need to give your company their name and address, thus enticing them to apply online for your product or service.

Get Leads With Verbal Consent

For a soft pull you only need your clients’ verbal consent over the phone. This can quicken the process of finding specific answers for their needs while you’re speaking to them.

Save Time

Since your employees will be able to access basic knowledge about potential clients with a soft pull they won’t waste their time pitching to people who would not potentially qualify for your service.

Save Money

Soft pulls generally cost about $3 each whereas a tri-merge can go all the way up to $30 dollars.

Another reason your potential customers will be grateful you chose to start with a soft credit pull is because it won’t affect their credit score. Having your company protect both itself and it’s clients through starting with a soft pull leaves you with more happy customers and a better informed service team.

While soft pull credit checks are typically less “in-depth” than your typical hard credit check, Soft Pull Solutions provides full file credit reports for your customers from all three major credit bureaus to help prequalify them for your services. Give us a call or book an appointment to learn more.

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